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  • Fruit


    Shahryar Nashat
    Fruit, 1996-2011
    S8mm-Film transferred onto SD video, color/sound, 1min. 28 sec.

    That’s him. We met one day, at first we hated each other and now, we like each other more than a lot. It’s strange, because I know we’ll never be together. And that’s what makes for the weird part. He’s got his life, I’ve got my life. It’s good, because I like him. As a matter of fact, I like him a lot. I also find him handsome. I mean fit. I like the way he speaks. I like the way he eats. I like the way he moves. I like what he does with his hands when he talks. I like the way he looks at me trying to say nothing at all. It’s good because we can talk about everything, but we can also talk about nothing. We can talk about smart stuff, but we can also not talk at all. When he’s silent, I can talk for hours and when I don’t talk, he doesn’t say a thing. So I told him: “Well come, I put you in front of a camera, you eat strawberries and I film you. And so that you can feel at your ease, I leave. For three minutes, you eat your strawberries, you eat them the way you like and I… well… I come back after.” Now why did I do that? This I don’t know. But it turned me on to watch him eat strawberries. Especially him, especially the way he eats the strawberry. The way he licks the strawberry be- fore he puts it in his mouth. The way he bites the straw- berry and the way he lets the juices down his chin. And the way he throws the green bit of the strawberry. Now why take him? Well above all take him! Because I like every- thing about him. I like his face. I like the close-up of his face like I did. I find it sensual and it does the job. Besides, his mouth has the shape of a strawberry. So if I take him, it’s because I know that I’ll never have him. I know it’s someone I’m into but… it won’t work. It’s very exciting to see him eat strawberries though. I got a real kick out of it and we had a good time. On the one hand it’s good. And on the other, nothing.